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Welcome to Patchwork Farm Alapcas, LLC. We are a small farm in Central Pa near the Susquehanna River. We became interested in alpacas in 2003 and after visiting several farms in different states, we started clearing land, planting grass, converting a building to a barn/vet building and reading any and everything on the internet on alpacas.  In April of 2004 we purchased three young female alpacas. They were shorn 3 days before they came to our farm and they looked like Q-tips when they arrived! They were bred the following year and presented us with three crias in the spring of 2006. One female and 2 males.


We now own several alpaca males to use for stud (herdsires). Since females are bred 3 weeks after they have a cria we felt that we did not want to send our crias and mothers out to be bred just when we were injoying the fruits of our labors.  All of our males are of excellent quality. To date we have 49 alpacas and 2 llamas living on our farm. 


We have alpaca bloodlines from El Cid, Caligula, Auzengate, Royal Fawn, Patriot, Bueno, 4Peruvian Presidente and Vengador, Muscani, Solar de Peru, 5Peruvian Silverado, Macho Fawn, 4 Peruvina Presidente, Sa Peruvian Valente, Navigator, Titanium, Snowmass Casanova, Mr Pennsylvania, Peruvain Molson, Hemingway, PPeruvian Leon,Evander, Macintosh and Peruvian Botin. This years crias are exceptional and will be seen in the show ring.


In the spring of 2010, we moved our males to our annex farm 1/4 mile away for summer and fall grazing, so we have more room for females and crias on our farm.  In 2011 we added another 3 acres of pasture. In 2013 we are planning on adding another acre and start to use the old barn on the properity.


We are members of ARI, AOBA, Pa Farm Bureau, and Susquenhanna Valley Visitors Bureau.

Our store features alpaca clothing imported from Peru, all made from alpaca wool/fiber. We do have yarn made from our alpacas and some hand spun and raw alpaca fiber for spinners and weavers.  Some of our alpaca fiber went to the Gulf coast to help clean up the oil spill in the summer of 2010. We also send alpaca fiber out to co-ops and we carry items made from alpacas here in the USA.


 When you visit us you will get to feed, touch, hug and interact with our charming alpacas. We also have cats, dogs, a rabbits, ducks, chickens and cockatiels. All of our animals are friendly and enjoy visitors.


This year we are excited to be added to motorcouch tours through the Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau. Buses from out of the area will be able to add us to their stops.


  Credit cards accepted


To Learn more click here and click on the Patchwork Farm video. Scroll down to the IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD video. June 8,2011


Contact us for more information and to schedule tours/appointments. Phone 570-374-1016 or email us at jkorbar@verizon.net


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If you have problems ordering please call 570-374-1016 and we will be glad to help you.

Images are for representation only. Colors and patterns may vary on actual products. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.